Voted Favorite Singer-Songwriter in the Capital District!

"To fully understand what makes Girl Blue so special, you need unplug from the computer and see her perform live. Her powerful voice is something most musicians dream of having and yet she can shred on a Stratocaster and manipulate a loop station into a powerful compositional tool. O’Keefe has the musical and professional tools to have a long career in the music industry. She also has the kind of spark that makes stars."

-- The Alt Weekly

"Like an after-market, grunge lullaby, Girl Blue keeps the music beautiful with dashes of sonic color and unconventional chord patterns that shouldn't make sense. And yet on several levels, they do, emanating a familiarity as if between strangers. It's melancholy, but not mopey. Actually, it really rocks."

-- Frank De Blase; Rochester City Newspaper

"Music careers take strange paths, and we've been around too long to declare "This is the next Big One," but we are here to let you know that, all of a sudden, everyone is talking about Girl Blue."

-- Caffe Lena, Saratoga Springs NY

"I have been losing my mind over this album since I first heard it in December. Girl Blue’s I Am Not a Star is an unfiltered expression with lyrics that articulate so many feelings and a voice that spills pure emotion. It’s insanely impressive, especially considering this is her debut EP."

-- Bailey Ford; Applaud Squad Reviews


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-- Jeff Nania; The Alt Weekly


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